Treatment durations in physiotherapy

Physiotherapy requires individual treatment planning. For this reason, the duration of treatment and the number of sessions may vary from person to person. The possible treatment time is usually between 15 minutes and 60 minutes. This period can be shorter or longer depending on treatment planning. The number of sessions for patients usually starts with 6 or more sessions. Regular attendance at sessions is important for maximum recovery. Physiotherapy, which is used in almost all areas of modern medicine to eliminate damage to the musculoskeletal system caused by disease and to heal the patient, is of great importance in the recovery process, as it allows the patient to return to everyday life as soon as possible. According to the diagnoses of the physiotherapists, they create the appropriate exercise program for the patient and initiate the necessary therapeutic application.

In physiotherapy, where the effect of heat on muscles and skeleton is exploited, partly hot and partly cold applications are applied to the physical area. Also, active and passive exercises are of great importance for the effectiveness of physiotherapy. Active exercises are the exercises performed by the patient himself, while passive exercises are the exercises performed by the patient and explained by the physiotherapist.

According to the diagnosis made by looking at joint movements, muscle strength, body flexibility, reaction time, balance and coordination, each patient is treated holistically in his own way in physiotherapy. The treatment program is created in accordance with the patient’s physical problems as well as his psychology, social life and emotional state.

It is possible to divide the patients undergoing physiotherapy basically into two areas according to their physical problems:

– In patients with pain complaints, the reason for these complaints is generally related to lifestyle. Problems related to activities of daily living such as constant computer use, postural problems, impact and sports injuries cause this type of pain.

– Movement problems in patients may occur as a result of severe conditions such as head trauma, cerebral palsy, spinal cord paralysis. In addition, patients with cardiac or vascular diseases may be referred to physical therapists after consultation, as they are subject to some movement problems.