Personal training in physiotherapy

Personal training and physiotherapy can be successfully combined. Regular sport requires the functionality and health of all joints, tendons and muscles of the body. It is essential not to overload the body, especially the musculoskeletal system, and to protect it from damage.

Personal training not only has a preventive effect, but can also promote a significant improvement in health and fitness as a rehabilitation measure. In this case, not only the problem symptoms are taken into account, but a holistic concept is applied.

Training with experts

A physiotherapist specializing in sports takes over the individual 1:1 care of the patient by creating a personal training plan, which is adapted to the respective needs and personal fitness level. For this purpose, a sport-specific analysis is carried out before the start of the personal training. This makes it possible to identify any existing damage to the spine, joints or muscular system, as well as other physical dysfunctions or malpositions, at an early stage and then tailor the training accordingly.

How does the sport-specific analysis work?

During the initial examination, the patient’s movement patterns and musculoskeletal system are assessed, and potential injury risks are also quickly revealed. The focus is on the patient’s ability to move, perform, and bear weight, providing information on their current endurance, strength, and coordination abilities. In addition, a stress check of the spine and joints is carried out, the results of which are later used to create the appropriate compensatory training and the objective of the training. In addition, aspects such as nutrition, personal stress factors and private and professional everyday life are included in the training plan in order to obtain a comprehensive overall picture of the patient.

Advantages of personal training

  • 1:1 support
  • is suitable as a rehabilitation measure after operations and injuries
  • motivates to regular and efficient training
  • customized training plan according to sport-specific analysis
  • improvement of mobility and posture
  • prevention of chronic complaints
  • is also possible with medical impairments
  • facilitates the start or re-entry into fitness training

Goals of personal training

  • regain and maintain health
  • Prevent diseases and injuries
  • increase mobility and posture
  • Increase fitness performance
  • Reduce weight
  • regular balance in everyday life

Methods of personal training

  • Improve and maintain mobility
  • Activate and strengthen weakened muscles
  • Coordination training
  • Training body perception
  • Documenting training progress
  • Establish new habits

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