Cranio Mandibular Dysfunction (CMD)

Cranio Mandibular Dysfunction is a disorder of the masticatory system. CMD is a collective term for disorders of the temporomandibular joints and masticatory muscles or disorders of tooth contact. These can occur individually or together and can be accompanied by psychological problems. To treat Cranio Mandibular Dysfunction, different professions work together in a holistic approach. These include dentists, orthodontists, osteopaths and psychotherapists, as well as physical therapists. But what exactly is physiotherapy for Cranio Mandibular Dysfunction, how does it work, what is done and when is it used?

What is physiotherapy for cranio-mandibular dysfunction?

Physical therapy for Cranio Mandibular Dysfunction follows an individualized treatment plan that may include active and passive elements of exercise therapy as well as physical therapies.

How does physiotherapy for cranio-mandibular dysfunction work?

Malposition in the jaw affects the entire body. This is because the skeletal system, muscles and connective tissues are a whole that becomes unbalanced when one of its parts is disturbed. Beginning at the jaw, this often results in a veritable cascade of tension that continues through the entire body. Physiotherapy helps to interrupt this chain reaction. It relieves acute pain, prevents new tensions, promotes blood circulation to muscles and connective tissue, and improves jaw mobility and coordination.

Correcting the malposition, relieving tension and secondary symptoms, and alleviating and stopping the resulting pain are the goals of physiotherapeutic measures, which usually complement dental, orthodontic, osteopathic, and in some cases psychotherapeutic treatment approaches to support the healing process.

What is done in physiotherapy for cranio mandibular dysfunction?

The treatment plan for Cranio Mandibular Dysfunction must be individually designed based on the causes and symptoms. Frequently performed measures are:

  • active movement exercises
  • passive mobilization
  • heat therapy
  • cold therapy
  • red light therapy
  • microwave therapy
  • ultrasound therapy
  • manual therapy
  • osteopathic therapy
  • jaw massages

When to use physiotherapy for Cranio Mandibular Dysfunction?

Physiotherapy is used for all clinical pictures related to Cranio Mandibular Dysfunction and especially for the complaints and limitations of functionality and mobility that occur as a result.

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